Coram Deo Holistic Center 

Feb 21

Upcoming Business Class


This will be a webinar video discussing opportunities the first day on how to get started-some which are FREE to start followed by 2 weeks of detailed information on specific businesses and the steps to get started. Invest in yourself. Starts 3/12/19 Early Bird: $10 until 2/24/19 2/24/19-3/1/19-$100 ($50 goes towards setting up your business if you choose to move forward with one) Late Registration: 3/12/19- $125 ($50 goes towards starting your business) Even if you have a businsess/service find out how to maximize your earnings

New Posts
  • This is a snapshot of my shareasale account. This is affiliate marketing/passive income. With these marketing opportunities you can get very creative. I will talk more about it in the upcoming video for entrepeneurs workshop. You can sign up in the meantime. It takes a few days to get approved. This is also a FREE OPPORTUNITY! And it’s 1000’s of companies to market for
  • Create your own apparel for your brand and business. Maximize your money. Or if your looking for a business to start that’s free, this is perfect. One of my first ventures on making something out of nothing. Set your store up and design your pieces and spreadshop does the rest (process orders, shipping, returns) your part is sharing your products and getting them noticed. Sign up:
  • Interested in the cannabis industry and want to get certified. Check out THC University. I did about 8 months and loved it! I learned a lot