Coram Deo Holistic Center 

Feb 21

Crystal Therapy Sessions


Can be done remotely! *SESSIONS DO NOT HAVE TO BE WEEKLY. CAN BE HOWEVER YOUR SCHEDULE PERMITS WITH THE PURCHASED PLANS* Part of your payment pays for an intuitive custom crystal pouch that will be shipped to you. Crystal Therapy is effective, healing and can be a very positive experience. Book a session to learn which crystals can help support you. purchase 4 week plan and save!

New Posts
  • Alternative vibrational therapy using the essence of flowers combined with other holistic practices. Pricing includes a flower Essence chosen specific to your needs. To book:
  • This is a great service for the elderly and disabled who live alone. IamFine does daily phone calls to check in and ensure their well being with a protocol in place if they don’t answer. Good option for those who can’t afford or qualify in home care service but still needs a wellness check. The first two weeks of service are FREE with no credit card required
  • RECEIVE A FREE 30-60 DAY BOTTLE OF SUPPLEMENTS WILL BE SENT TO YOU. SUPPLEMENT DEPENDS ON YOUR HOLISTIC NEEDS Pricing for members is $60 instead of $125. Please contact me to book instead of booking through website