Coram Deo Holistic Center 

1 dram bottles

Archangel Oil Blends

  • Choose a scent that is in alignment with your intention. These are very powerful blends.


     Archangel Auriel: the guardian and representative of the earth.  Oil is especially crafted to help you within your ritual crafts, this anointing oils makes a powerful addition to your ritual magic.


    Archangel Gabriel: Frequently revered as the messenger of God, Gabriel is the archangel looked to for divine guidance. This sacred oil helps you seek this guidance and wisdom, and can help empower your prayers and rituals.


    Archangel Michael: Intended to be used to summon or contact the archangel Michael, this anointing oil is certain to be of great use within your ritual crafts.


    Archangel Raphael: Use this anointing oil to aid you in summoning and praying to Raphael, the archangel frequently revered and prayed to as the angel of healing.


    Archangel Uriel: Of great use in calling upon the archangel Uriel, this oil seeks to empower your prayers and rituals to help find motivation and attain your goals