Coram Deo Holistic Center 

Each bottle of Chakra Myst spray begins with energy infused blend of pure Angel’s Mist essential oils and then combines them with a natural emulsifier of jojoba and genuine crystals. Each spray invites a different Chakra related intention to heal your body and soul and supports the specific healing properties of each blend.

Chakra Mist Spray

  • Root Chakra: Red: Grounding, Protecting, – contains hematite, obsidian, patchouli, rosemary, pine


    Sacral Spleen Chakra: Orange: Joy, Sex, Empowerment – contains carnelian, moonstone, plumeria, sandalwood, sweet orange


    Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow: Self Control, Will Power – contains tiger’s eye, citrine, bitter lemon, cardamom, saffron


    Heart Chakra: Green: Love, Self-Respect – contains rose quartz, rhodochrosite, gardenia, rose, geranium


    Throat Chakra: Blue: Communication, Creativity – contains angelite, aquamarine, clove, nutmeg, cedarwood


    Third Eye Chakra: Indigo: Intuitive, Self-Reflection – contains amethyst, iolite, lavender, jasmine, myrrh


    Crown Chakra: Violet: Transformation, Transcendence – contains clear quartz, azeztulite, frankincense, myrrh, lotus


    Each 4 oz bottle is blessed to amplify its full healing potential.



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