Coram Deo Holistic Center 

This oil, also known as Hak Kwai Pain Relieving Oil is the most deep penetrating massage oil used for deep bone bruising that occurs in areas where there is thick muscles overlaying bones. This area is bruised and painful but shows no visible swelling or discoloration on the surface.

Disclaimer:Consult your doctor before starting any new regimen. This is not to diagnosis, cure or be a substitution for medical treatment. This product is an herbal supplement taken to provide support and may be beneficial well being. This is not a claim to cure, treat or diagnose

Black Ghost Oil

  • Expels Wind-dampness from channels & muscles, Moves Qi, Opens the orifices.

    This is the MOST effective oil for this type of injury because it contains very aromatic herbs and oils, which penetrate this kind of obstruction. There are many versions of this liniment on the market. This is the strongest formula available!

    Capsicum Oleoresin
    Camphor Powder
    Pine Oil
    Eucalyptus Oil
    Frankincense Oil
    Methyl Salicylate
    Menthol Crystal
    Ligusticum Chuangxiong Oil
    Myrrh Oil


    Contains 8 fluid oz.