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This 10ml oil is for external use.

Healing Fragrance Oils

SKU: FRAG-1111
  • Choose a scent that is in alignment with your intention. These are very powerful blends.


    Vampire's Blood: High quality fragrance blended from fine fragrance Essential Oils to purify your surroundings


    Vanilla: Blended from fine fragrance essentials to create a high quality fragrance to scent your surroundings.


    White Sage: White sage essential fragrance oil brings forth the qualities of white sage herb. As an essential it is strong, concentrated


    Ylang Ylang: In magical practice, it is often used to help create a state of bliss or euphoria


    Amber: Honey-sweet, almost decadent essential fragrance, is frequently used within ritual magic to help inspire love, comfort, and happiness


    Altar Blend: A special blend of essential fragrance oils, Altar Blend Oil is a creation specifically intended to be used within your altar space as an anointing oil, for cleansing, consecration, and purification.


    Dragons Blood: Exotic fragrances blended from fine essential oils, derived from the fragrant resin of a root, Dragon's Blood essential oil is a favored scent within a wide range of magical practices, and offers a sweet, pleasant aroma for the home and sacred space.


    Divine Healing: Fragrance blended from fine fragrance Essential Oils in 10ml to purify your surroundings


    Nag Champa: Nag Champa famous world wide, the champa flower is often mixed with other essences. It has many purposes, but most famous is for enjoyment.


    Palo Santo: Used by shamans and medicine people, Palo Santo also called Holy Wood, is an excellent enhancement for spirit journey or for uplifting spirit. It has many purposes


    Rose: Offering the sweet floral scent of roses Rose Essential Fragrance Oil is a popular fragrance that is used in ritual practice for blessings and love spells


    Sandalwood: Essential Fragrance oil offers you the sweet fragrance of Sandalwood for use in anointing your ritual tools and otherwise using upon your oil diffusers


    Jasmine: Great for emotional healing and love spells, Jasmine fragrance Essential oil is often favored for its gentle floral scents.


    Lavender: Oil is popularly used in ritual magic for cleansing, healing, and love spells.


    Musk: Oil offers a rich earthy scent sometimes used in money drawing spells and spells of desire.