Beautiful and Functional: Cleanse in Style!

Offsets Negative Energy and Smells Amazing



This handy smudge kit wooden box comes complete with:

1 abalone shell

1 carved wooden tripod to hold your abalone shell

1 package of 1 bundled 3" California White Sage


The box has a cover that slides neatly into it's own grooves, with a window to see your smudging materials. New Age Smudges and Herbs.


The kit box measures; length 6 1/2" x width 5 1/2" x depth 2 1/2".

Smudge Away Negativity Bundle

  • These beautiful rainbow abalone shells range come with a gorgeous, intricately carved wooden tripod stand that keeps your smudging shell looking great just about anywhere, as well as three California White Sage smudge sticks. This set will help you cleanse your space of negative energy while filling it with the wonderful aroma of California White Sage that Native Americans have used ceremonially for thousands of years.


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