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Now offering Natal/Birthchart Recorded Interpretations!!! What are your strengths? What are you weaknesses? Which careers do you have potential for? How are you in romantic relationships? What about spirituality? These interpretations are detailed! For this reading, you will need your birth date, time and location. The time should be as exact as possible for the most accurate reading!!!

You will receive a recording interpreting your chart and each sections along with tips on learning to work with the energy. Recording may be up to an hour long. You will also receive a copy of your chart to follow along with the recording to gain more understanding and clarity.

Natal chart readings are astrological readings based on the alignment and planets when you took your first breath. Your chart reveals parts of yourself helping to understand your purpose including money, relationships, career and family. I call them Soul DNA readings because it’s your soul’s imprint here on the planet. It’s your handbook for maneuvering as a spiritual being in the physical world.

You will receive reading within 3 days of payment. If you’d like a text update leave phone

Soul DNA interpretation/Natal Chart Reading

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