A bundle intuitively put together to help bring spiritual support for you on your path to ascension



Intention specific bundle choices:

(The more open you are to this energy working in your life the more favorable the outcome will be. Keep that in mind)


Win in court: Tip the scales of justice in your favor when legal matters loom ahead of you


Vision: Find clarity during meditation or seek greater results from your divination


Attract Soulmate: Find your other half


Secret Desire: intended to aid you in achieving that which you desire most and keep hidden, perhaps even to yourself.


Return to sender: intended to aid you in preventing curses and other negative energies by returning those vibes back to the ones who cast them.


Releasing: Free yourself or the vices, burdens, and other weights that bind your spirit


Protection: Protection from attackers


Money Drawing: money drawing and helps bring wealth and prosperity into your life.


Get a job: components that will help tilt your job search a bit more in your favor.


Healing: Fill your life with potent, healing energies


Glamour: help create an aura of appeal or distinction


Get what you want: intended to help you bring that what you desire into your life


Banishing: aid you in banishing negativity and negative influences from your life, home and self


Attract a Lover: Bring the love you learn for into your life


Empowerment: empowering and purification


Centering: balance your energies and find your center, helping to improve all facets of your life


New Beginnings: wash away the negative energies of the past to create a positive start.


Flow with Life: Discover the ease with which you can maneuver through life’s trials


Find your place: Discover your place in the world and discover renewed confidence and personal growth


Hope: kindle hope in others when they are going through a dark time.


Enhance your love life: kindle a bit romance in your life


Disclaimer:Consult your doctor before starting any new regimen. This is not to diagnosis, cure or be a substitution for medical treatment. This product is an herbal supplement taken to provide support and may be beneficial well being. This is not a claim to cure, treat or diagnose

Spiritual Farmacist Intention Bundle


    Coram Deo Holistic Center