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I started the #KnowUrStatus nonprofit movement in 2013 on 12/31 after losing a close  to HIV. I was extremely distraught but searched for a way to always honor my friend. So I started my worldwide movement to encourage HIV testing. Over the years I’ve counseled so many from all over the world and encouraged many to get tested. Many tag me and share results on social media. I’ve even done highlights on HIV positive individuals called ‘Living a Healthy Life with HIV’. Over the years so many from Africa have reached out to me from organizations to clinics and even doctors wanting me to bring awareness and help with the fight in their countries. I’ve been humbly honored that they believe in my movement to want it to be represented in their areas where HIV is an epidemic. I’ve even been asked to start  chapters in Africa as well. So this year my goal is to go to Africa to all of these different countries and see how i can help and creating chapters consisting of people with a common goal. I would like to go for about a month and stop in 4 different locations(countries) This is a movement I’m extremely passionate about. I’m currently a Certified HIV testing counselor and will have a free HIV testing location in my holistic center when I open. Through the center I hope to test a minimum of 200 people a month. Please support my movement if possible!!!