CDH Events-Done remotely via secure video chat

Fri, Oct 30
Done over Zoom
Unlocking your Soul DNA-Understanding Your Birth Chart
Have your birth chart handy for the class. If you dont have a copy, download a free copy at: CoStar also has an app you can download. This is one of my favs for pulling your chart because its straight to the point and easy to read. Done over Zoom video
Sun, Jul 19
Session done through zoom, please download
Path to Healing during the Pandemic Reflection and Meditation Session
FREE EVENT!! This is for the VIRTUAL LIVE SESSION. HOSTED ON ZOOM Are you in a place in life where your ready to start healing past trauma and get to a place where you realize self love is the best love? Has the pandemic caused
Sat, Jun 06
Can be taken anywhere in the world
Building a Holistic Empire
6 month interactive coaching course to teach you how to build your virtual holistic center from the ground up. Working completely from home generating money daily
Sat, Jun 06
Online Class-take anywhere and in person
Monthly Certified Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Tech Course
You will receive Course material prior to first day of class. Course date online through Zoom as well as in person. This will be a live class. Live demo, Q and A & review prior to exam. Price includes certification test & fee, certificate & starter bundle.
Sat, May 23
online through zoom
#CDHKrewe Team Session-Call Center Agents only
Our monthly session on call center updates. We will be about an hour. Will also be a Q&A session so bring any questions.
Mon, Apr 20
Class done weekly over live video session
Holistic Wellness/CannaConsultant course
Are you interested in incorporating holistic wellness and therapeutic cannabis consulting to create a career opportunity of a lifetime? Take this course!
Wed, Apr 01
Done in private group of CDH community
Passive Income w/Merch
Exclusive for email subscribers. If you aren’t subscribed, please sign up. I also do barter. If we have previously discussed, you coupon code when checking out so purchase is free. Learning begins immediately, date shown is registration close date. Sign up now!
Sat, Jan 11
Class is online via Zoom
Astro Herbalism
Combining astrology and herbs to help empower, heal and manifest
Tue, Dec 31
Location is Online through Zoom
Understanding your Birth Chart
Great way to start your new year and decade! Learn how to understand your birth chart or what I call Soul DNA. You will get an understanding of how to understand the sections of your chart and interpret yourself. Your birth chart gives you a better understanding of self
Thu, Aug 15
Class done in an online private group
Working With Moon Energy
A month journey from the full moon to the new moon! This is journey will be through each phase and how to use the energy of the phases for releasing, banishing, creation and manifesting. Working with moon energy is empowering and I will teach you how to empower your life and manifest your best!
Fri, Jul 12
Location is in online private group
Understanding your Karma
Lives done over a 10 day period. Total of three lives with daily posts. This class will teach you how to understand your karma, know what it is and get on a path to correct. Be prepared to learn and ready to dive in! Class begins 7/12. Add me on Facebook Shonda Broom so i can add you private group
Sun, May 19
Secret Location sent when registered
Meditation on da Bayou
FREE EVENT! Free introductory class to meditation. Great way to help you start to develop a meditation practice and for those curious about meditation. Bring your mat/blanket and a notebook for notes
Wed, May 15
Class is held online through Zoom
Spiritual Synergy Workshop
A workshop introducing the use of a combination of elements to strengthen and empower your spiritual practices. Playback and summary will be available if you miss the live
Sat, May 11
Online Class-can be taken anywhere
Monthly Certified Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Tech Course
Done online through Zoom. Class will be no more than 3 hours followed by a Q and A and review. Interested in more info before registering? Watch the 4 part intro Becoming a Teeth Whitening Tech on my IGTV on Instagram @smilesbyshonda
Fri, Apr 19
Weekly FREE Affiliate Marketing 101
This is a free webinar on getting started with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically passive income. Back in the day, people prayed for opportunities to market companies. Now the ball is in your court. Sign up and let me plant the seed and explain how. This is great for anyone!
Wed, Apr 17
Online Workshop
Luck and Protection with Amulets & Talismans
Learn the difference between amulets and talismans, what they represent and their history, how to actively use them in your life to manifest your visions and a LIVE Q & A. Cost of class includes a talisman/amulet specifically chosen for your needs. Playback will be available.
Fri, Apr 05
Online Workshop
Creating a Space to Meditate & Best Ways to Meditate
Workshop on meditation and tips on how to get started and be more productive with your meditation practices
Tue, Mar 12
Location is TBD
CDH Entrepeneurs in Health & Wellness
Learn about different business opportunities in the holistic, natural health and wellness industries.
Thu, Mar 07
Online workshop available anywhere
Spiritual Spring Cleaning Workshop
Every year, people do a Spring Cleaning of their home by getting rid of the old to make room for the new. How often do we think to do a spiritual Spring cleaning for ourselves? Join me in this workshop to learn more how you can get in alignment spiritually for the new season.

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