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Custom blended in small batches. Created under the full moon. Reiki charged.

Chakralogy Perfume

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  • Perfume essence that captures all seven Chakra energies in one bottle! Created in collaboration with French perfumologist, Francois “The Nose” Renou, the “spirit of 7 flowers”, capturing the Vibessence ™ of each floral’s rich harmonics to create this amazing fragrance have been brought together.

    With a top note of jasmine, middle note of tuberose and bottom note of sandalwood, these rich scents are prominent in Indian culture and mythology.

    Sweet and powerful going on, with a gentle lingering scent throughout the day, these nectars come from night-blooming flowers, which also have an association with the full moon.


    The bottle has been specifically designed to capture all seven rainbow colors of light, depending on how you turn the bottle! With a precious “stem” applicator, this allows for just the right amount to be applied.


    * Balance your energies 
    * Empower your senses 
    * Enlighten your spirit

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