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So what’s a ‘yoni steam’ A yoni steam also called a vaginal steam or ‘v steam’ is a combination of boiled herbs that you squat over to steam your vagina. The water doesn’t actually touch your vagina. The steam penetrates through the mucous membranes of your vagina to heal and nurture your reproductive system and vaginal tissues.


1 for $15.15

2 for $25.25


Yoni care bundle: customized bundle includes 4 steams, Sweet Yoni Detox Drops, Customized oil blend and free gift $60- ideal treatment plan if you are experiencing any issues (Ex. Yeast infection) *choose


Yoni Care Steamer option to add a steam seat for an additional $20* Get steam seat only- $25


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Each pack contains enough for two sessions

Healing Humanity Yoni Steam Blend

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