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~History of Mermaids~
Known as the Goddess Atargatis, who became a hybrid after attempting to take her own life. This beautiful creature has a deep connection between women and the Sea. 
The Mermaid is a benevolent creature warning sailors of stormy weather ahead. A mermaid is a supernatural half woman, half fish who is connected to the elements of water and earth. She is a hybrid symbol of the struggle between light/dark and between good/evil. The mermaid represents the sacred journey of the soul confronting fear and transforming joy. 

She is the object of all man’s desires yet this sexual dynamo, only has a tail from the waist down.

Bundle includes: 
🐠Stones of the Sea Pouch
🐠Mermaids Wish Perfume
🐠Mermaids Tail Bracelet
🐠Seafoam Candle
🐠Mermaid Sea Myst
🐠Sea Shell Potpourri
🐠Sea & Shell Bath Salts
🐠Moisturizing Pearl Cream
🐠Special Surprise Gift

Mermaid Lover Bundle

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