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Rare and high vibrational tumblestones. Specify selection in notes when checking out.

Rare Tumblestone Crystals- 3 for $25.25

Out of Stock
  • Amber: detoxification and protection from radiation, x-rays, sun, computers,planes Angel Phantom Quartz: connection to the highest level of spiritual experience 

    Angelite: helps youto be in touch with angels and animal guides 

    Apatite:connect between past&future, conscious&unconscious & psychic&intuitive 

    Apophylite: relieves mental blockage along with negative thought patterns 

    Aquamarine: protection on journeys, especially those who travel on water 

    Black Moonstone: help attract a gradual increase in your finances

    Blue Obsidian: communication, astral travel,extremely protective stone 

    Celestite: Aura cleanser. It assists in bringing our higher vibrations in order. 

    Charoite: stone of transformation, see old patterns with new possibilities 

    Chiastolite:“Cross Stone” signifies death & rebirth, helps to understand immortality 

    Chrysocolla: “wise stone” or “sage stone“, it offers wisdom and sagely advice 

    Chrysoprase: heal depression, excess self-focus, & emotions/sexual imbalance 

    Dolomite: soothes hurt, loneliness, and quells anxiety; boosts self esteem

    Eilat: known as the “King Solomon Stone“, has ability to absorb many types of pain 

    Fire Agate: Helps alleviate problems relating to the stomach and endocrine system 

    Garnet: emotional stress and balancing out anger that is held in and not expressed 

    Infinite: activate kundalini, cleanse your energy fields of any negative blockage 

    Jet: stimulate psychic sense & guidance for spiritual enlightenment; traveler’s amulet 

    Kunzite: healing abuse, loss, addictions. helps who suffer from inner turmoil

    Lapis Lazuli: ancient knowledge and wisdom, stone of royalty for Ancient Egyptians 

    Lemurian Jade: return of the goddess, the feminine, intuition, gifts of our true being 

    Lepidolite: Gently eases intensity of emotions, mood swings, manic-depression 

    Malachite:powerfully cleaning the auric field, rapidly absorbing undesirable energies 

    Menalite: mother energies, fertility, menstruation, menopause, and lactation 

    Merlinite: Stone of Self-Mastery; duality: black & white, day & night, light & dark 

    Moonstone: honors the Goddess in all women; stone of new beginnings

    Nuummite: Magician’s stone based on its “age and wisdom“ 

    Ocean Jasper: accept responsibilities, develop patience; detoxification and elimination. 

    Opalite: sign of hope, symbol of inner peace and harmony of body, mind and spirit. 

    Petalite: help one connect with one’s guides and enhances your angelic connection 

    Petrified Wood: investigate past-life experiences, helps with mental longevity 

    Picasso Stone: development of creativity and bring strength and self-discipline 

    Prehnite: dreaming and remembering and for alleviating nightmares 

    Preseli: dream work, past life recall, will power, spiritual gift enhancer 

    Que Sera: tapping into our creative identity 

    Rainbow Moonstone: said to have the power to grant wishes! 

    Rainbow Opal: amplifying and mirroring our feelings bring up buried emotions 

    Rhodochrosite :loneliness, loss, heartache, inner-child issues, abuse and incest 

    Rutilated Quartz: powerfully conduct and amplify energy/thoughts/ for healing 

    Septarian: Dragon Stone, overall health and well being. relief for muscle spasms 

    Seraphinite: healing on all levels, provoking an understanding of unconditional love 

    Shungite: powerful shield against the man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) 

    Strawberry Obsidian: balances our male and female energies, validate our self-worth 

    Sugulite: enhances psychic abilities. Gets you in touch with your Spiritual Guides 

    Sunstone: good luck and fortune. Energizes and empowers one’s self. 

    Tektite: Can stimulate downloads. Use this for astral travel, meditation 

    Turquoise: ancient absorber of “negativity” and give protection from the “evil eye.”

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