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Hey y'all I wanted to share a very easy side hustle to earn passive income. It's a site called Benable and you create lists. I'm including my page so you get an idea. Well you build lists using affiliate links. They have almost 40k partners so you can share a lot of different things. Stores like Target, Pottery Barn honestly anything you are interested in. I call it a virtual vision board because you can share recommendations of things you want as well as desire. People click these links and buy. Like this is a fact. So get creative and let the real you shine through your lists. Once you build your list you let it be and eventually people will shop. I'm sharing this because the referral program ends 10/31 and they won't accept new accts for awhile. So you want to get in early on this type of site. Shoppable networks are growing thanks to tiktok. They have about 1 million active accts but anyone can shop your list from anywhere without an account. Your list even shows on google. So possibility of reach is endless. So I hope this helps someone. Here's my link and a video to see how it works. @Everyone

My page:

Referral link:

Short video course on Benable



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