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Good morning everyone! I hope you all are staying safe during this time. I have an onboarding scheduled for Thursday 1 pm if you want to start working from home as a call center agent. Go to booking on app to book your spot.

I know some groups don’t have much info. I am a one woman show and recently got my nonprofit status approved so Im getting things in order. I am also working on transitioning off social media and focus on growing my community here.

I have about 10 programs that I’m cultivating for the holistic center. If you are interested in working on one please reach out to me. You would be considered a volunteer initially (there will be incentives and stipends though) as the programs grow and change so will your position title. I just ask for patience!!!

Need seamoss, herbs, seeds or any questions about what I offer message me!

Da Holistic Gypsy
Da Holistic Gypsy
03 ott 2020

I’ll message you

Mi piace


Welcome! I’ll use this group to share different community ev...


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