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The Aftermath of the Full Moon

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

So tomorrow is coming up on a week since STAR GODDESS launched our first class of 2019 'Working with Moon Energy'. It also was my first time doing a full moon release ritual for a group. I usually just do something small with the kids, so I truly felt honored to do it for such a great group of Goddesses. The experiences of the students that followed days afterward showed me just how powerful the energy of the night was with us having the Full Lunar Eclipse, Wolf Moon and Full Blood Moon. If your a lover of the cosmos like me, then you understand just how amazing that night was and having our class start on that day truly magnified it for me.

This week has been a very enlightening week for me. As I chose to release things like lack, sadness and struggle of any kind and all that is low vibrational, I honestly had no idea of the smaller things-you know the things smaller than the things we say 'oh its nothing' caused me issues that I should have released as well. Habits that became so normal, I had not been realizing the limitations it had set on my life. Some things I had become so numb and oblivous to that I honestly didn't even realize they were issues. One of the journal topics I posted in the class pretty much generated the same answer. I kid you not, I honestly took it as the Universe saying 'YES SHONDA! THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU!' but at the same time it made me realize just how similar we all are in many ways. Same fears and insecurities. The energy of the waning moon hadn't been as overwhelming as the full moon but even so it does put you in a reflective state of mind, going over yourself one more time with a fine toothed spiritual comb so that you enter the New Moon with clear intentions. At least thats how it has been so for me. I'll definitely have to blog again after the New Moon though (much of what I write is 'notes to self' so I'll have something to reflect on next month. I want to be able to remember the magic of this time so if I ever struggle to raise my vibration on a hard day, I know 'this too shall pass...'

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