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Open Roads and Remove Obstacles with Spirituality

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

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Do you ever feel stuck or blocked and feel that no matter what you do, you don’t see progress and you continue to hit one wall after another? Sometimes we can be blocked in ways that we don’t realize and we have to open the roads to allow what we want to come our way.

Spiritual roadblocks are just as frustrating and can sometimes energetically feel like there is a barrier between you and the things you are attempting to manifest into your life. Imagine your positive energy being forced to a standstill by negative forces.

Road Opener work helps to remove barriers, obstacles and blockages so that you can have a clear path to the things you want and desire. These things can be success, good fortune, abundance, good health, money, love, promotions, etc.

Abre Camino is the herb commonly used in to help remove these obstacles and open roads to success, prosperity, peace or whatever it is that may feel as though it is blocking your path. Abre Camino is also the key ingredient to Road Opener work. It carries a strong vibration of assisting you with opening roads.

To prepare, you can start off by doing a Road Opener Spiritual Bath. You can you the Road Opener herbal bath blend (boil your herbs first and then add herbs and boiled water to your bath) you can also use the Spiritual Bath/Floorwash (its all natural. It can be used as a floorwash as well to clear any blockages or obstacles in regards to your home life. It can help bring in new positive energies if you have been dealing with negative energy in your home)

You can follow up your bath with a Road Opener Pheromone oil. The pheromone oil is an natural blend that includes essential oils creating a balance of power to strengthen your work.

Once you are done with your bath, you can prepare to light your candle(s). Using an intention specific candle such as Road Opener-click here to purchase can help magnify the energy in what it is your trying to manifest-a clear path. I've personally used a Road Opener and it wasn't even a whole day and there were major shifts happening in my life.

Road Opener Intention Oil-Click here - you can also anoint yourself with this oil and/or drop some into your bath water.

Empowerment Candle Dressing Herbs-Click here - this will bring in the energies to help empower your work

Prayer to use when you are doing a Road Opener ritual:

God before me

God behind me

I on Thy path,

O God Thou,

O God, in my steps.

In the twistings of the road.

In the currents of the river.

Be with me by day.

Be with me by night.

Be with me by day and by night.

The Book of Psalms is also good to use when doing any spiritual work. There is something for every situation. Here are a few verses from Psalms that you can use:

Psalms 16:11: Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalms 23:3: He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Psalms 25:4: Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.

If you are a Moon Lover like myself, doing road opener work is ideal during the waxing moon phase. You dont have to wait during this time to do it though!!

If you want to incorporate using crystals in your work, here are some really great ones that carry the vibration of removing obstacles.

Crystals good for removing obstacles are:

Lapis Lazuli

Black Tourmaline





Of course you don't have to use these things, but they will help with the success of your road opener ritual. You can use a combination of them or even one. Remember, whatever you do, its all about intentions. So go into doing your work with the intention of removing blockages and have a strong sense of positivity that what your doing will work in your favor. If you need a spiritual advising consult to understand more about using the Road Opener to help clear your path of low vibrational energies or for consulting on any other spiritual matters, book a session!

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