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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Yesterday I held a free online workshop on Spiritual Spring Cleaning. The information shared was so beneficial, I thought why not put it in a blog! So this is the summary I sent to all my attendees that I thought I would share. Excerpts have been taken from Dr. Andrew's amazing book Lead us to A Place which can be found on Amazon.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Workshop Summary

Theme: Rebirth of Self-Using the energy of Spring to give birth to your true and authentic self

Just as we do spring cleaning on our homes, we can do a spring cleaning on ourselves to get spiritually aligned with our purpose and truth.  Spiritual Spring Cleaning is a way to get rid of outdated thoughts and start anew.  Clear out the emotional cobwebs.  Believe in yourself and stop putting limits on yourself.

Currently in Mercury retrograde* communications may be misinterpreted and taken the wrong way.  Keep that in mind as you are working on your spiritual spring cleaning.  Keep an open mind and increase your awareness. 

Start journaling if you currently don’t.  This will give you a foundation to look back on a year from now to see your growth.  Its also a great way to channel your thoughts, feelings and emotions during your spiritual detox.

Plant seeds- just like farmers plant seeds in Spring to reap a fall harvest, use this energy to plant seeds for yourself and your future.  Start that business, go back to school, take a chance on love or whatever it is you hope to see grow in your life.

Air is the element of Spring.  Air represents the Breath of Life.  Spring is also the Season of the Sun

The element of air represents virtue of knowledge, our mental activity such as intellect and is associated with memory and thoughts.

Planets: Mercury- communication Jupiter-expansion

Archangel Michael is associated with Spring.  Call upon his energy for support throughout the season.

Goddess Ostara is associated with Spring.  She is the Fertility Goddess

This is a good time to begin a body detox specifically liver health.  If your interested,  I have  Tincture combo specifically Immunity Boost and Cleanse and Detox.  These herbal tinctures are great with building the immune system while doing a gentle cleanse and detox on your body and major organs.  These tinctures are usually 28.28 each but Im doing a deal!

Steps to a Spiritual Spring Cleaning:

See the dirt- be aware of your own problems and issues.  Increasing awareness and understanding of the roles we play in regards to the situations in our lives.  Before you can ‘clean it’ you need to be aware of what needs to be fixed.  As long as you don’t think there isnt a problem, you wont change it.  

Clean mouth- watching the words you speak.  The words you speak.  Words carry a vibration.  Depending on the words you speak they have the power to heal or hurt.  Always speak positivity, abundance, peace and blessings over yourself.  Watch your self talk.  

Dust off your thinking-change your thoughts.  Thoughts become things.  Reprogramming your thoughts to focus on the things you DO want in your life, not what you don’t want.  Our minds are very powerful.

Cleanse your heart-your heart needs to be in alignment with your desires.  Work on aligning your heart with your mind and what it is you truly want.  Don’t lie to yourself.  You can lie to anyone but you cannot lie to yourself about what it is you really want.

Polish-the final step.  Bring it all together and shine!  Do the work and be proud of yourself.

Crystals that provide support during the Spring:

Amethyst- has healing powers to help with emotional issues, and in Energy Healing

Aventurine- recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues

Bloodstone- used to purify and detoxify the body. Great at grounding negative energy

Citrine- bring you enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity

Rose Quartz- teaching the true meaning of love, and brings deep healing and self love

I have crystals available 5 for $30.30  These are authentic crystals.  All of the crystals listed are available on my website through this link –click here- no coupon code needed

Essential Oils that provide support during the Spring:

Eucalyptus- reduces the intensity and the duration of respiratory illnesses

Lavender- useful for treating anxiety, insomnia,depression, and restlessness

Rose- strong anti-inflammatory properties

Jasmine- promote beautiful, healthy skin and boost your immune system

Lemon- powerful antibacterial properties

Orange- promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth when used in aromatherapy

Herbs that provide support during the Spring:

Blessed Thistle- strengthens the spirits and renews vitality

Burdock- ward off negativity and for general protection

Catnip- Attracts good spirits and great luck

Chamomile- money, peace, love, tranquility and purification

If interested in herbs, I have them on my site 4 for $20.20-click here- no coupon code needed

Spring Ritual

This is a great ritual to do to help bring in the positive energy of Spring into your Life”

-Light a colorful or Easter themed candle: Color changing candles available-2 for 12.12

The changing of the colors for this ritual is to symbolize the changing colors of the season and the celebration of rebirth. 

-You can create a blend of oils using rose, lavendar and jasmine (you can also use the Essence of a Goddess oil blend, helps to call forth the Divine Feminine and healing energy) wear as a perfume and anoint your candle and even jewerly if you want

-Light and burn incense and/or sage to cleanse your space of a negative energy.

-Light your candle.

-Say a prayer, positive affirmation or mantra. 

I like Psalms 51:10 to start with-

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me

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